Monday, 15 July 2013

Students in the last semester - Convocation 2013

Dear brothers and sisters

We have been informed that Semester III, 2012/2013 is the last semester for some students who are now undergoing the EIT.
 If you would like to go for convocation this year (2013), kindly take note of the following:-

1) submit your name to Sr. Roslina (  latest by Wednesday, 17/7/2012EIT Unit will make a special arrangement with your department for your early EIT assessment  and other EIT related matters .
2) submit your FINAL REPORT to Sr. Roslina latest by 2/8/2012. (We only need you to submit your report earlier in order to meet the Senate’s meeting date. However, your EIT will continue until the end of the period as decided earlier)
3) To arrange the EIT visit and to have your presentation assessment with your EIT Programme Coordinator latest by 2/8/2012

Please contact this office (Sr. Roslina at 03-61964406 / ) for further information.

**In-Sha-Allah, we will try our very best to make the necessary arrangement (which relates to EIT) so that your convocation can be realized this year (2013).
( please do not consider this as a promise from the EIT Unit and kulliyyah. We will only try to assist you as far as we could)

EIT Unit