Friday, 27 November 2015


Starting 1/12/15: 

Please fill in the SHORTLISTED COMPANIES FORM for the purpose of producing a recommendation/supporting letter.

*Please do this as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting a placement. Delay in this would reduce your chances to get a good company. As each company has limitation in a number of intake.

*NOTE: you are allowed to apply as many company as possible BUT once you have received an offer letter from the company, please reply "Accept" as soon as possible if you decide to do the EIT there.

Announcement: Due to system error some of the data was not downloaded, thus for those who have filled in the online form before 1/12/2015, please fill it in once again. We are sorry for this unexpected inconvenient.

Option 1: The company is NOT in the approved list

Please fill in the shortlisted company HARD COPY form (manual form) (wisely choose the 5 companies) . Make sure these NEW companies provide an Industrial Training. Refer to your PC for further details.

Refer to the following workflow for Option 1:

-> Fill in the hard copy form 
-> Attach company's profile  
-> Get an approval from PC 
-> Fill up the shortlisted company ONLINE form here:
-> Submit the approved hard copy form to EIT Unit.

Option 2: The company is in the approved/recommended list

Please fill in the approved shortlisted company online form.

The supporting/recommendation letter will be produced accordingly by EIT Unit. Refer to Bro. Zamri (03-61964406, for the letter collection.

For further assistance, please refer to your PC for each programme.