Friday, 8 April 2016

Important Announcement

Assalamualaikum wrtwbt.

Dear All EIT Students year 2016,

This an important announcement especially to those who hasn't get any offer from companies yet.
Please follow up via call or email the companies that you have sent the application forms to. Don't just wait for the offer , but instead you have to work and chase the company for a reply.

EIT period starts from 6th June 2016. Failing to start on time will make you short of 120 hours. So please bear in mind that finding the company is your responsibility not the EIT Coordinators.

If you failed to get any offer, it means that you can't proceed to FYP2 and have to wait for next Sem III 2017.

You have less than 2 months now, start your follow up from today!

Thank you. Wassalam

 EIT coordinators.