Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Please take note

Dear brothers and sisters

Please be informed that the normal staff (Madam Roslina) who is in charge of the  EIT Administration Office will be on leave from 27/5/2015 until 2/6/2015.

In the light of the above, you are advised to take note on the following matters:-

- please inform the company directly (and if possible immediately) whether you agree/not agree to accept the offer
- fill-in the EIT Acceptance Form and obtain your EIT Programme Coordinator’s signature > then submit to EIT Unit. Put your form in the EIT INBOX placed at EIT counter or at ACADEMIC AFFAIRS counter.

The 3 letters are:-
i) confirmation on takaful/insurance coverage
ii) indemnity letter
iii) letter of reporting for duty

- students must submit these 3 letters to company on the 1st day of reporting for duty.
- the above 3 letters will be prepared by EIT Unit after EIT Acceptance Form is submitted to EIT Unit.
- students who have not received yet the 3 letters – please check the EIT box (usually placed for supporting letters) on 3/june or 4/june or 5/june.
- if the students need to report duty earlier than 8/june and the 3 letters are not ready yet, please email and inform Madam Roslina at roslina.m@iium.edu.my .
- students who will return back earlier to home town and your 3 letters are still not ready yet, please inform Madam Roslina at roslina.m@iium.edu.my stating that you need the letters through e-mail. The 3 letters will be sent to you on 3/June or 4/June or 5/June.

3) Supporting letter and LIDV letter– students who still need these letters, please get the letters from the following staff at the Office of Dep. Dean (Academic Affairs):-
i- Sr. Siti Nur AlHana
ii- Sr. Nur Huda
iii) Sr. Rafidah

Please consult your Programme Coordinator for any other matters concerning EIT.